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Licensing information

Our legal advisers, experienced in all types of licensing work, will ensure that you are aware of all the necessary legal requirements and that there is full compliance with all legal formalities.

Fulfilling legal requirements

We will assist you in presenting your application in the best possible way to achieve a successful outcome and arrange appropriate representation at any hearings, including:


  • New licence applications

  • Licence transfers

  • Occasional licences

  • Licence extensions

  • Defence of licence removals


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If you need assistance with Wills & Probates, contact Chancellors Lea Brewer LLP Solicitors, near Orpington, for professional legal advice.


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Appropriate representation

For legal help regarding licensing information in Orpington and beyond, call Chancellors Lea Brewer LLP Solicitors on:

020 8303 0077

Legal help for buying and selling a residential property

The law and procedural requirements for the issuing of new licences, transfer of existing licences, applications for occasional licences or for extensions to opening hours can be a minefield.  If you are running a business, setting a business up or organising an event, not getting it right can mean no licence and may result in a substantial loss of revenue.